Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! It’s midweek, and according to the weather app the temperatures will shed about 20 degrees by Friday. If I had a picnic hamper I would whip out that puppy and fill it with cheese (frommage), bread (pain), apples (pommes) and a bottle of crisp white wine (vin) and spread a blanket upon a grassy knoll (have not yet learned the French word for “knoll”).

Thought I would try something new and feature a midweek roundup on Wednesdays of items that I discovered around the internet, in my inbox and on my Netflix.

Oh looky!…

Apple Hand Pies – I contemplated adding diced crispy pears to the pie filling. What do you think?

Fall Foliage Finds to spruce your space – The colors of indigo and berry infuses the autumn season with a cool tone palette.

Toast, It’s What’s for Dinner – This is a winner! I’m already thinking guacamole on toast with crumbled bits of crispy bacon to top.

Learn a Language FREE – Currently I’m learning French a little a day…to keep the owl happy, of course. 

Got 7 Minutes? – Take the seven month challenge and exercise at least 7 minutes a day. Who’s with me?

Lights Out – Listened to this album when iTunes featured it on First Play. It’s on my wish list.

Radical Typography – What does your brand say about you? Terrific class presented by the brilliant James Victore.

Sofa Soiree 

(for that night you get to lounge on the sofa and indulge in some me time) 
  • READ

The Scandalous Sisterhood of Pickwillow Place

Yes, I know it’s categorized as a children’s book, but the premise is just too much fun not to download to your Kindle (or other device(s))…on September 23 or thereafter. Check out their promo video.


Feast your eyes upon the lovely Tome Spring 2015 runway collection


Netflix movie: Happy Valley. Not your warm, fuzzy, feel-good flick. But it is brilliant…if you love a strong storyline that is well scripted, well plotted, and well acted. 


Top the night off with champagne peach floats.

What lovely or interesting finds did you discover this week?


Sriprae McDonald

4 thoughts on “Midweek Roundup

  1. Heck yes to the diced pears. 🙂
    Toast with avo and bacon chips for dinner, Ill bring the wine.
    7 minutes a day is TOTALLY achievable. Count me in!
    Peach floats… BOOM! Want in my belly now.
    A box of asparagus arrived the other day, have been creating recipes with that and I whipped up a East Coast lobster Japanese slipper, surprisingly tasty and packs a punch too. 🙂
    Hope the drop in temps isnt too cold for you. I did see some of US buddies had their first fire of the season the other night, so it must be pretty darn chilly for that.

    • Oh my! Your lobster dish sounds terrific! I’ll bring the wine to that dinner. 😉
      The weather has been truly marvelous. It got chilly enough that it warranted me wearing a light jacket with a scarf. Loving it! It is a bit early for autumn though. This week we are supposed to back into summer weather, which means hot and muggy. Oh well, that only means winter is around the corner. Yippee! 🙂

    • Hello Chez Us! Welcome to Abuchon! I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you for your kind words. Your peach floats are not only gorgeous but brilliant! 🙂

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