Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! How’s your week thus far? I don’t know about you, but I’m already antsy for Friday to pull up and welcome me. It’s been a little stressful the past couple of days, and my body has been ever so diligently reminding me to breath. On that note, let’s take a breather for a minute and peruse some lovely and interesting bits that found their way into my inbox or that I found my way to their web site. 

Oh looky!…

Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Donuts – It’s pumpkin spice season, y’all.

A Place to Hang – I just might seriously consider camping.

Never Have to Say Sorry Ever Again – Just hire a professional.

Spectacular Sunsets – It’s almost like being there…well, not quite…nope, not even close…but hey, you can catch a view of your very own sunset TONIGHT! 

Mastering Laundry – Are you a pro?

Fantasy Outdoor Feast – This is how I picture my spare time.

In Defense of Swearing – Forego the Advil?

For Giggles – iJokes, folks!

Sofa Soiree 

(for that night you get to lounge on the sofa and indulge in some me time) 
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How to be Parisian Wherever You Are

I just picked up a copy from Barnes & Noble last night. There’s a section entitled “Parisian Snobbisms”, and an example is: “Leave a party when it’s in full swing. (Even your own.)” <insert chuckle>


I’m in the mood for love…romance stories, that is. I’ve heard a little bit about this movie; have not seen it yet, but it has intrigued me. Besides, I like Josh Charles. 

Don’t know when this film will be released in the U.S., but it has that quirky quality to it that makes it look like it’s a full gamut of emotions kind of movie. 


I could savor these while nestled comfortably on my sofa watching those movies.

What lovely or interesting finds did you discover this week?


Sriprae McDonald

4 thoughts on “Midweek Roundup

  1. Good Lordy how I wish this week would end already. I’m done with it!
    Love your round up tho, such fun seeing all the fun finds in your world.
    Hmmm… No great finds are coming to mind right now, buuuuuttttt, yesterday my brother and sis in law had a check up for the little one they are expecting in Feb next year and he shared the video of babies heartbeat….. that was pretty spectacular. Kinda excited about being an Aunty! 🙂
    Happy Thursday darling friend. Hugs and love across the oceans. Talk soon. xox

    • How truly awesome! You’re going to be an aunt!–Congratulations! That is pretty cool that he could share a video of his baby’s heartbeat. Wow!
      Enjoy your weekend, lovely! xox

  2. I definitely need some lovely moments like these! I’m all for romantic evenings by the fire, pumpkin spiced anything and put me down for a Fantasy outdoor feast! Swoon!!! On another note, it appears we’ve all had crazy weeks, so a big thanks for the reminder of gentler & happier times over the weekend!

    • I am imagining now what this glorious fantasy feast would be like if you and I got together and planned it out. Nothing short of marvelous. 🙂
      Truly, I very much look forward to the weekend. There are numerous times I have been tempted to reply to a business email, wrap up one more quote, revisit a work project. Ugh. No, I tell myself. The weekends are for refueling. For staying motivated by doing things that inspires oneself. And for resting. 🙂
      Hope all is well and good with you my friend and that you, too, stay inspired and motivated.
      Much love! xox

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