Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! OMG. The last few days have been spastic. As a dear friend of mine said, life changes are opportunities to be seized upon. There’s only so much we can control in our lives…wait….can we really control anything? Rather than get bent out of shape or tense up to the point of pain and immobilization, turn that negative energy into good. Stay positive, my friends. It will do wonders for your mental and all around well-being. (Hmmm…I am reminded of Evelyn Couch and Towanda.)


On that note, let’s see what roundups we have for this last full week of September.

Oh looky!…

Prep for Oktoberfest: Got your bratwurst and mustards? No? Well, no worries, you can order an Oktoberfest Pack online from one of New York’s finest sausage and meat producer.

Lip Synch Battle: For giggles, watch Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton go head-to-head with Jimmy Fallon in a lip synch battle.

Cosy Eggs: An oh-too-cute accessory to keep your soft-boiled eggs nice and cozy.

Get fired up about your dreams: Is your dream worth it? Are you worth it? If you answered “Heck, yeah!” then click the link and read on!

Vegan Pad Thai: For those days when you run out of meat in the fridge (just kidding…no, not kidding).

MileIQ: Need to log mileage for your business, or…you just want to log miles? This app is pretty darn handy.

Groceries delivered to your door…well almost: Yes, I fantasize about having my groceries delivered, about out-smarting the grocery store line. Here’s something that is a step towards that dream.

Sofa Soiree 

(for that night you get to lounge on the sofa and indulge in some me time) 
  • READ

The Paper Magician

I purchased this when it was featured on Amazon’s Kindle First list for $1.99. I still have not set aside time to read it, but the story sounds pretty perfect for a magical October weekend.


The Lunchbox

“Mumbai’s Dabbawallahs are a community of 5000 dabba (lunchbox) delivery men. Harvard University analyzed their deliver system and concluded that just one in a million lunchboxes is ever delivered to the wrong address. This film is the story of that one lunchbox.” Check out the trailer here. It’s available for rent on AppleTV for $0.99.


When you want something delicious but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, cook this roasted Indian-spiced chicken recipe.

What lovely or interesting finds did you discover this week?


Sriprae McDonald

2 thoughts on “Midweek Roundup

  1. Haha… Chrissy fever has kicked in for everyone it seems. I feel ya sista… It has been one heck of a week, barely keeping up with everything required of me this week, but having wonderful friends like you who remind me to stay positive, does indeed do me wonders. Thanks heaps! You rock! 🙂
    My gal pals and I have just ordered our outfits for Ocktoberfest, now onto the menu. Cant WAIT! 🙂
    On that roast chook for sure.
    Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday little buddy. Hugs and love. xox

    • Can’t wait to see your Ocktoberfest outfit!
      Thanks, girlfriend! 🙂 You can do it! You can make it through these 86 days with grace, gumption and pizzazz.
      Have a terrific Friday, dearest!
      Much love! xox

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