Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! Let’s grab some coffee and enjoy the scenery for a bit. This week thus far has been crazy full. For example, I stayed up until 3 AM this morning trying to wrap up some small projects before Wednesday officially began. Needless to say, I am counting down the hours to Friday evening. Hope your week is going swell. How about a piano and cello music video featuring themes from Batman (and batmobiles) to ease you into the rest of the week?

Oh looky!…

Batman Evolution – Killer music, cool video. Who’s your favorite Batman? I’m partial to Christian Bale.

Breakfast Recipes – 15 variations on breakfast. How about you bring the mimosas and join me for brunch?

FREE Internet – Say what? Free high speed internet service on the go. (No, it’s not Starbucks WiFi.)

Become A Barista (At Home) – No electricity needed. Your friends will celebrate you.

Gladiator Glass Screen Protector – For the times your smart phone or tablet takes a dive. (Hurricane proof, they say.)

Sofa Soiree 

(for that night you get to lounge on the sofa and indulge in some me time) 
  • READ

The Innovators

“This is the story of how [the] minds [of computer and internet creators, beginning with Lord Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace] worked and what made them so inventive. It’s also a narrative of how their ability to collaborate and master the art of teamwork made them even more creative.”

It’s on my wish list. Christmas is just around the corner (hint, hint).


Words and Pictures 

“An art instructor and an English teacher form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important.”

As a person who loves words and graphics, this sounds like it would be a worthy movie. Now…to allocate time to watch said movie.


Pumpkin Cake…because it’s October! And doesn’t it look divine?!

What lovely or interesting finds did you discover this week?


Sriprae McDonald

4 thoughts on “Midweek Roundup

  1. Hahahaha…. Thank you sooooooooo much lovely one for the Batman hit, I plugged my work speakers in and blasted that one to clear the weird tension in the air. Worked a treat. Boom! 🙂 Hmmm… Pumpkin crazy on your side of the pond, everyone has been raving about the pumpkin spice coffee, is it worth me hunting down in Oz to try?
    This week I found my happy again. Back into my Bikram Yoga, doing my daily gratitude’s and drinking more water. LOL! Its the little things huh? Sending you love and hugs. Enjoy the rest of your week. xox

    • Nothing like great music to blast away the tension, eh? 😉 Oh yes, the pumpkin craze has hit…with it being October and all, everything and all sorts of foodstuffs will feature some variation of pumpkin. :/ As for the pumpkin latte (or pumpkin spice coffee)…ehhh…I would not recommend it…but then again, my philosophy is: why in the world would you want to tamper with perfectly delicious coffee?? Then again, since we only have one life to live, you could get a very small cup and try it for yourself.
      Glad you found your happy! Gratitude, water and exercise, such small things that really do boost the good-feelings vibe. Much love to you, girl! Have fun this weekend! xox

  2. Love Mimosas! Love 15 delicious excuses for breakfast and especially love pumpkin cake, even though it’s spring here! Hope your week has been fab and I look forward to seeing what other adventures are afoot xo

    • Hello Alice!! Sorry for the late response. Your comment ended up in the spam folder (WTH??). Booo for that. Oi.

      I bet spring is looking grand in Australia. The budding flowers and trees. Gearing up for berry season. I see pictures of autumn in New England and Norway, and I am envious of their drizzly mornings with yellow leaves like piles of gold upon the sidewalks. Over hear the landscape still looks like summer. Oi.

      Have a fabulous weekend, lovely! Enjoy, have fun and eat good food. 😉


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