When Your Inbox (Life) Gets Bloated


Heart palpitations. Quickness of breath. Ping-pong scattered thoughts (more spastic than a squirrel on Red Bull).

100+ unread emails.

What the hell?


Monday 8:22 AM

Jumbled with pizza coupons, grow your own mushroom ads, free vector files of the week, client communications and newsletters, my inboxes have ballooned out of proportion. That’s when a part of me wants to freak out. But I can’t. Are you kidding me? I don’t have time for that.


Maintain status. Breathe.


How about a glass of wine?


Focus, Sriprae!


Monday Noon

Confession. I feel utterly disorganized. This post which was supposed to have been written over the weekend and published Monday morning wasn’t, due to me spending my weekend working on a start-up business with my partner. Hail Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Despite feeling like I’m doggy-paddling in the Pacific Ocean (!), I’ve got to be creative. I’ve got to shoot out beams of awesomeness through my mouse clicks onto Adobe Illustrator. There’s a logo to create, damn it! (Here flashes the image of me pirate ship upon the high seas, rollicking upon the waves. The salt spray stinging me eyes, the salt waves drenching me locks. I’m holding on to the mast rope top deck (does that even make sense?), brandishing my sword, hollering at the top of my lungs. Great balls of fire, I shall not go down!)




Monday 6:46 PM

I leave the house to meet my partner at a cafe with WiFi. We spend a few hours working on our start-up until closing time. We leave before the workers kick us out.

Monday 9:32 PM

There’s a tranquility in the evening that’s not present during the day upon the roads and highways. I enjoy driving at this time of the night. Somewhere along the road between the cafe to my home, my mind relaxed. It’s as if the crazy storm ceased and the seas calmed. The ship is gently rocking, and look–I’m still standing. There’s still a ton of emails and lots of deadlines to meet, but I can see what I need to do AND how I need to do it. The skies have cleared. My head is clear. I know I’ll get the work done, and I know it’ll be kick-ass.


The Take-Away

Sometimes life is going to pile up on you. Sometimes it’ll come at you like a beast. And, yes, you’ll feel overwhelmed. You might even feel like giving up. That’s normal. We’ve all been there, and this probably isn’t your first rodeo. For the times when you can’t even give yourself a pep talk, just step away. Step away from those things for a while. Take an hour. Take two. Take a weekend. Whatever. Just step away, and put your attention on something else, preferably something or someone you love. Give your mind time to clear and reboot, so that when you return you can see things with greater clarity. And you’ll know what you need to do to make it through whatever life situation you’re facing. Sometimes all it takes is disengaging in order to productively re-engage.

Much love,


Sriprae McDonald




Pictures are of Oktoberfest 2014. The plate above held the crispiest, lightest curly fries swathed (bathed) in garlic sauce with a dusting of parmesan.

All images © 2014 Sriprae P. McDonald

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