Midweek Roundup


Happy Wednesday, folks! October is in full swing, and pumpkins and gourds are strutting their voluptuousness in every store and market. The candy aisle at the local grocery store is like Willy Wonka’s factory. Tis the season for squash and sugar! (When you stop and think about it…that’s kind of random.) Hope you all are having a good week thus far.

Time for this week’s roundups…from my inbox to your desktop (or phone).

Oh looky!…

Instagram Eavesdroppery – Cheeky.  

The Milk Carton – It’s no longer just a canvas for the missing persons bulletin.

365 Days… – …of Origami Art that is. Wowzers!

FREE Web Design Resources –  Hooray for FREE! Hooray for good quality FREE!

10 Photo Tips for Instagram – Not limited to Instagram. Succinct and helpful. Kick up your shutterbug skills. (Come on, have some fun with it.)

Sofa Soiree 

(for that night you get to lounge on the sofa and indulge in some me time) 
  • READ

How many of you love The Princess Bride? When the movie came out I wasn’t yet a teen, and I feel madly in love with it. Three words made my heart swoon: “as you wish”, and the clergyman with his “twue wove” speech cast me into a spell of giggles. Cary Elwes’ new book As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Brideis now available.


The Bigger Picture

This animated short film is artistically fascinating. Created by filmmaker Daisy Jacobs and animator Chris Wilder, the story is about two brothers struggling to care for their elderly mother. The film is an animated life size 2D painting with 3D stop motion. Check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes clips; you’ll be impressed.


Baked goat cheese. Heck yeah! 

What lovely or interesting finds did you discover this week?


Sriprae McDonald

2 thoughts on “Midweek Roundup

  1. Ooooo I love your round up this week, thanks heaps for the 10 photo tips. Really getting into my photography of late. 🙂 I can picture you doing a little jump and saying heck yeah to baked goats cheese. Soooo good. 🙂 Loves it.
    Hmmm… This week I discovered a hilarious clip of a woman singing ‘We will rock you’ on Indian idol. It was just sooooo good, also found that the quickest way to change the negative mood in the office is to play that song Moscow by Genghis Khan. Guaranteed to make you giggle. Ha, it seems my finds this week were music related funnies. Hope you are well my friend. Hugs and love. xoxo

    • OMG. “Ok. Singing we will, we will rock you.” Found the video. (Giggles.)

      Moscow video…colorful. Russian version of the Power Rangers? 😉 (Giggles.)

      Thanks for sharing your find, my friend. They were a treat. Hope you have a terrific week and are doing well. Much love! xox

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