8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fuel

  1. I have something to do on Tuesday I’ve been doubting about myself. Really don’t want I do it even though it will be really beneficial to me. I’m committed now though and reading this quote has made me feel a bit better about it )

  2. Hiya it went really well, thanks for asking Sriprae! 🙂
    I had a TV interview on an Indian channel called ZeeTv about my photography in Hyderabad the last few years. It was half hour live to air interview with viewers calling in. Never did anything like it before so was pretty nervous and wishing I hadn’t committed to it; actually though, once it got started, the nerves almost vanished and I quite enjoyed it!

    • Great to hear it! Congratulations on your first TV interview!!! 🙂 I’m sure it is marvelous.
      That’s terrific that you did it and enjoyed the experience. (I’m celebrating for you over here in Texas with my late morning coffee.)
      Thanks for telling me about it, Peter. 🙂

  3. Dang I love that you are in my life Sriprae, you seem to give me the words of wisdom I need at the very right moment. I have been VERY much resisting pulling together a proposal/s to take shenANNAgans to the next level, and all because I am scared of what might happen. Great advice, I thank you very much. Wishing you a beautiful afternoon. Love and hugs. xox

    • Hey girlfriend! Wowzers!!–go for it, chica! Take shenANNAgans to the next level. You’re ready and it’s time. 🙂 Love ya, dearie and keep me posted! Hope you have a most terrific week. xo

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