Lean Forward


It has been said that those who are writers experience life more intensely than others.


I would postulate that writers are more keenly observant of the sensory and psychological details that encompass life experiences.


Unlike novels, people want to live a life as free from problems and drama and complications as much as possible (I know I do!). However, a gripping story is one in which the main character is entrenched in drama and the messiness of life. There’s no bestseller in which nothing but sunshine and rose beds abound.


Make choices based on your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela

It’s so easy to give in to fear. Just sit back and let it steamroll right over you. (I’m not saying that it will feel great or even feel comfortable; I’m just saying it is easier.)


But! In the words of Leslie Knope (God I love Parks and Recreation):

We are going to lean forward and take it hard.


Often I moan and complain about these rabid drivers in my great state of Texas and their reckless and careless need to hurry. I realize that in life, I have the attitude of a frenzied driver, wanting things to happen sooner, quicker–NOW(!!!). It’s a shame, because in that gear I overlook or take for granted the things that have transpired, the things that were a once-upon-a-time wish and a whispered dream.


What’s life without the occasional drama and scramble?

Life doesn’t have to happen too quickly. I want to be more conscientious of the present and the bounty that’s come my way.


Sriprae McDonald
 All images © 2014 Sriprae P. McDonald

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