Awards & Such

Liebster Award

Many thanks to Megan of Bread and Sweet Peas for the nomination. Her lovely blog documents her adventures in the kitchen as she works towards becoming a baker. Megan shares stories of triumphs and trials and pictures of her gorgeous creations. Pop over and check out her site.

According to protocol, by accepting this award I must share something about myself and nominate other blogs.

A tid-bit about me:

I fell in love with writing while in the fourth grade, thanks to my wonderful teacher Mrs. Nichols. During high school I wrote and completed my first novel. Sad to say but I think I lost the manuscript (it was saved on a hard disk, you see). Ignoring my passions and proclivity to the arts, I was determined to become a surgeon. I majored in biology (not because I loved it) and took the pre-med track in university. Long story short, medical school did not happen for me and somewhere along the way, I woke up and finally paid attention to the things that stir and motivate me–things that I LOVE to do. Looking back, I’m ever so grateful my life took that turn.

Blogs I nominate:

  • She’s received the Liebster award before, but how can I not nominate her when I look forward to her post every time: Alice Lau of Girl in a Food Frenzy. She’s studying to become a chef, and her blog documents her mouth-watering recipes. She had me at marmalade.
  • His photographs are a story in themselves. They capture my attention and I am drawn to looking at them for long periods of time: Peter Knight of Photographs by Peter Knight.
  • She’s an illustrator, and her artwork can be whimsical and mod. I love her use of colors and textures and how she draws hair and facial expressions; she is: Bree Reetz of Bree Muse.
  • When I first encountered his blog I thought he was a gourmet chef who either worked at a posh restaurant or owned one. His recipes are sophisticated, and his food photography is gorgeous; he is “El Oso Con Botas” (Bear in Boots). I swooned over his cheesecake with mint fresquillas coulis.
  • He’s an intelligent and excellent writer. His post on Maine crab reminded me of articles I used to read in Gourmet magazine. He also writes about life and culture in: I am not a Lawyer (he really is).

8 thoughts on “Awards & Such

  1. Sriprae,

    Thank you very much for nominated “El Oso con Botas” for this award and for what you wrote about it. I’ve been blogging for a very short time and your words are very very encouraging as well as this award.

    • Hello bekahgraham! Thank you so very much! That is very sweet of you. I am honored that you enjoy Abuchon and that you nominated it for a blog award. 🙂 Thank you for mentioning Abuchon on your blog. Congratulations to you, too, for your nominations!! Well done! 🙂

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