Happy Food Moments

Dearest Hazel (@beurrenoisette) from Instagram asked me to share my #happyfoodmoments.

Those are the moments when my loved ones and I get together and for a moment our cares and problems are suspended. It is just us and good food and thoughtful conversations or stories that make you laugh so hard tears stream down your face. It is enjoying the moment and each other’s company, passing food around the table, spilling some sauce on the tablecloth and licking your fingers.

What are your happy food moments?


Sriprae McDonald



Happy Weekend! (sumptuous)

The Weekend has arrived at last! To celebrate can we all just flop on the sofa and do nothing for several hours?


Errands and chores wait for no man. Procrastination is the great multiplier. Nip it in the bud and just get it done.


On that note, my Weekend is now full. There’s the obligatory house cleaning (I hate messes and dust), the mandatory grocery run (a girl’s got to eat), and the exciting project of cataloging and editing pictures from last weekend’s wedding.


With wedding images uploaded to Photoshop and strewn all over my gorgeous iMac screen, I perused Pinterest for some lovely inspiration. Here’s to sumptuous gowns, celebrations, winter, chocolate and making a fabulous exit. Happy Weekend, everyone!