Midweek Roundup


Happy (belated) Wednesday, folks! As I am typing this post I am wrapped up in my new sherpa robe, a present from a dear friend. It is a chirpy, low-slung cloud-dusted day of 34 degrees. Brrr. My kettle has whistled thrice before the clock struck 10 (AM). The watery daylight (sans sunshine) filtering through my IKEA cream colored drapes sets the mood for a cozy-dozy kind of Thursday…er…belated Wednesday.


Yesterday I did my first real estate photo shoot for a terrific client of mine. They just finished out a duplex. Thus I am in a nesting state of mind. This week’s roundup is dedicated to the place we call home.

…from my www scavenging to your desktop (or phone).

images © 2014 Sriprae P. McDonald

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Museum Smiles

Photo shoot of dr. Sheri n. audu and her staff

I met Dr. Sheri in July at a chamber of commerce event. She was one of the first to introduce herself to me and say she was looking for a photographer. Four months later I did a photo shoot of her and her staff right before the grand opening of her dental office Museum Smiles. We had loads of fun, and the ladies were terrific models. They posed demure, they posed professional, they posed silly and they even posed in the middle of the street (as we scurried between waves of traffic). The day was superb, a little overcast and comfortably breezy. The experience was delightfully memorable, due to the fact that Dr. Sheri and her team were absolutely AWESOME!

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